Posted by: amorillegal | January 23, 2008

What Would MLK Think ??

If he came back today to see how things are??
This is a few days late but we were talking about this over on I2US ..

I’ve been thinking about this alot .. what would he say/think if he was still alive today.. and saw how much violence and racism still goes on in our community.. how blacks and hispanics kill eachother.. hispanics kill hispanics .. and blacks kill blacks.. and how much racism still goes on and how immigrants are just thrown under the bridge and attacked 24/7 ..

In so many ways we’ve made great advancements.. interacial marriages are no longer out-lawed.. we don’t have separate facilities.. but we still for the most part have separate neighborhoods and thus we have by our own society separated schools.. and communities.. and we still have failed to totally come together..

And when words like ‘filth’ ‘scum’ ‘rats’ ‘cockroaches’ ‘dirty scumbags’ etc. are still used to talk about ANY group of people.. we know that we are NOT close to his ‘dream’ yet.. all one needs to do is visit Alipac to see that racism is still alive and rampant.. These words shouldn’t be used to describe ANYONE .. and even so .. the statue of liberty specifically says things like “huddled masses” and “wretched refuse” so even if immigrants are ‘trash’ someone put that there in the harbor as a statement that we would still be welcoming to ANYONE…. and we are failing to live up to that..

Posted by: amorillegal | January 20, 2008

Hello world!

Yes this is my life below.. My life has not been normal, from meeting my husband online to dealing with his immigration status, my life has been anything but dull.. It’s difficult most of the time but at the end of the day I still thank God for giving me my husband, although he has given me more struggles and we have not taken the easy path, at least we are together and we dream of the day when all of our problems will be solved and we hope that the best days are still ahead of us.. And that someday those who judge us will get what is coming to them.. Only God can judge and we know, that despite what others may say, my husband is not at fault for what happened when he was 2 years old and his parents wanted to give him a better life.. The law of this country backs us up. Illegal presence is not counted until the age of 18. Our only mistake was not having him leave the country at 17/18 but really who can make that decision at that age when in High School ?

The best is yet to come..

1987 – Husband EWI w/ mom..
January 2001 – Met hubby (online!)
June 16, 2004 – Met in person first time!
June 16, 2007 – Married!!
November 7, 2007 – *FINALLY* Sent in the I-130 !!!