Posted by: amorillegal | January 23, 2008

What Would MLK Think ??

If he came back today to see how things are??
This is a few days late but we were talking about this over on I2US ..

I’ve been thinking about this alot .. what would he say/think if he was still alive today.. and saw how much violence and racism still goes on in our community.. how blacks and hispanics kill eachother.. hispanics kill hispanics .. and blacks kill blacks.. and how much racism still goes on and how immigrants are just thrown under the bridge and attacked 24/7 ..

In so many ways we’ve made great advancements.. interacial marriages are no longer out-lawed.. we don’t have separate facilities.. but we still for the most part have separate neighborhoods and thus we have by our own society separated schools.. and communities.. and we still have failed to totally come together..

And when words like ‘filth’ ‘scum’ ‘rats’ ‘cockroaches’ ‘dirty scumbags’ etc. are still used to talk about ANY group of people.. we know that we are NOT close to his ‘dream’ yet.. all one needs to do is visit Alipac to see that racism is still alive and rampant.. These words shouldn’t be used to describe ANYONE .. and even so .. the statue of liberty specifically says things like “huddled masses” and “wretched refuse” so even if immigrants are ‘trash’ someone put that there in the harbor as a statement that we would still be welcoming to ANYONE…. and we are failing to live up to that..



  1. very true! Well spoken.

  2. Its true and yet so sad. At times it seems at though we’ll never achieve that dream…perhaps only in heaven.

  3. Very true, I must admit that we don’t experience all that racism where I live. Definitely the Internet has opened the waves for hate towards immigrants to escalate. We will prevail and the immigration nightmare will be over.

  4. I just wanted to wish you the best in your journey.

    I know things are tough but I hope that the fact that some of us see the reality of things and how this separates families comforts you at least a little…

    I linked your blog to mine if you don’t mind.

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